Why Am I Running?

Many of you know me – but many don’t. I thought I should take some time to give you a bit of background on why I have decided to seek the nomination.

My parents grew up in Holland during World War II, were liberated by Canadians and immigrated to Alberta because it was a land of opportunity. They were both successful business people and their entrepreneurial spirit and success has been significant influences and a foundation for me and my pursuits.

Growing up in a family where mom and dad didn’t have jobs, they had businesses had a significant impact on me. My parents saw lots of good times because of the opportunities Alberta provided, but they knew tough times as well. They knew about risks and rewards--they knew about hard work and putting things on the line. When you see that, you understand that and it becomes a part of you.

We don’t seem to hear that term, the Alberta Advantage much anymore, do we? Remember when Red Deer was in the middle of the Golden Corridor where jobs, investment and that entrepreneurial spirit were alive and well? Where Canadians from other provinces came to Alberta seeing it as a land of opportunity?

We’ve lost some of that spark and drive. I think people are frustrated maybe even angry and want better...they deserve better.

The last four years have been really difficult for Red Deer and Alberta. Rachel Notley and the NDP government have made it even more challenging.

What concerns me is that some people have lost that hope and confidence which drove Alberta. I’m particularly concerned about that for young adults who are just embarking on careers and setting up their lives.

I believe that hope and confidence are the foundations to success. As we look to the future, we need to bring that back, we need to do better.

It is with hope and confidence that we can do better that I decided to seek the United Conservative Nomination for Red Deer South.

My top priority is to be a Strong, Committed, Experienced Voice for Red Deer South


  • I will be accessible and connected across our community.
  • I will strive to know the issues and priorities to be a true champion for Red Deer.
  • I will represent Red Deer South with honesty, compassion, integrity and confidence.
  • I will bring strong experience, a business sense and active involvement in our community.
  • I am conservative and have been actively involved in our party and legacy conservative parties for decades. I know what it will take to get the job done.