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Bruce Buruma on...

...Being Red Deer born and raised

"I’m proud to say I’m from Red Deer. I was born and raised here--Red Deer is home. I’ve been actively involved in our community in many ways and value the connections I have made. I guess that’s why many people came to me and suggested I run for the nomination.  It’s humbling when people say they believe I would make a difference. I know that I will be a champion for Red Deer South serving with energy, enthusiasm and integrity. To do this, I need your help. I ask for and welcome your support."

...His Experience

"I have an amazing job as part of the Senior Leadership team at Red Deer Public Schools where I am Corporate Secretary and Director of Community Relations. I’m also Executive Director for our Foundation which truly changes lives of students through support from our community

Red Deer Public has a $125 million budget, and we’re one of Red Deer’s largest employers with a amazing team of over 1200 dedicated staff serving 11,000 students and their families.

As part of the executive team, I’m at the table working with our Board of Trustees helping make the challenging 

and important decisions on how we can best shape the future of our community. That’s experience that matters!"

...Lessons Learned

"I don’t believe for a minute that Red Deer South voted FOR Rachel Notley and the NDP. We split the vote between two parties, but today...we are United. People also voted against a government that had lost its ways and couldn’t be trusted. It’s been four long years and lots of important lessons have been learned. Government matters and we need to get Alberta back on track leading with honour, trust and integrity."

...The Economy

"The number one issue in the upcoming election is the economy, We need to bring back that spirit of hope and confidence to Red Deer South and all of Alberta. Let’s be honest, under the NDP... Alberta is mortgaged to the hilt.  Without change, we are looking at a debt of over $100 billion--we are mortgaging our future.

Let’s be frank and honest, this is not going to be easy, we have some tough decisions ahead of us. Together as Albertans we need to decide how we are going to tackle this issue, manage our expectations and get things back on track."


"They say that Red Deer is among the most dangerous places to live in Canada. Crime ranks as one of the top concerns in Red Deer

Crime is a top priority for me.

There are no easy solutions. The downturn in our economy, the drug and opioid crisis, mental health issues, poverty and challenges our police and justice system face in dealing with criminals all contribute to this. We are starting to see improvements. But it’s a complex issue and something we need to work on together to make a difference".

...Health Care

"Health care will always be a top priority.

I served on the Health Advisory Council for 5 years, including 2 years as the Chair and I’ll be honest, it was frustrating. There were lots of plans, studies and reports but what we really needed...was action to be responsive to the current and future health needs of Central Alberta. We have fallen behind and we need to have a hospital and health services that meet our needs ...and that needs to include a cardiac catheterization lab."

..having a Strong Voice

"We have an amazing community. As your MLA I will be a strong voice for Red Deer South. I will be available, accessible and connected across our community to listen, understand and be a champion for the issues and priorities that matter for Red Deer South."

...Being Politically Involved

"I’ve always been interested and active in politics. I am a conservative and believe in being fiscally responsible with  the need for a balanced approach. I’ve been part of conservative constituency associations for years serving as Director, Secretary and President. I have played key roles in four election campaigns and helped raise needed funds--I understand the work and what it’s going to take to get things done."

...Our University

"I am a proud graduate of RDC earning a Business Administration Diploma.  I also served on the Board of Governors of Red Deer College for two terms where we really moved forward on transforming our college. University status will have an incredible impact right across Central Alberta where graduates can learn and stay here to work and use their skills and knowledge to build our communities."


"Red Deer has changed a lot over the years-we definitely have become more diverse. As a big tent party, the UCP  needs to welcome and celebrate our differences be it race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, abilities, faiths, political beliefs, or other ideologies. By honouring our diversity, we also celebrate all that brings us together as a community."


"Education really is about shaping the future of our community. I am a champion for education. Whether you have children in school or not, education matters. Our schools need to prepare our students for their future making sure they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a world that is changing rapidly.  That requires solid teaching, a strong relevant and responsive curriculum, supports for students with increasingly complex needs, meaningful involvement of parents and school boards that set priorities that respond to the communities they serve."


"I’m really proud of both my parents who were entrepreneurs and business partners  I grew up understanding that spirit and drive. The risks and rewards. That spirit has followed me in my career and involvement in our community

It is business that drives our economy. Remember when we were proud of the Alberta Advantage...we need to get that back.

We need to be business friendly, and get investment back in our community.  

When business is good, Alberta is good.

The last four years have been really difficult for Red Deer. Rachel Notley and the NDP government have made it even more challenging. And don’t get me started on the damage Justin Trudeau is causing.

We can do better, we need to do better.

Electing Jason Kenney and the UCP will have an immediate impact on investor confidence and that is what we desperately need."

...Vote Bruce Buruma

"Come this spring when the people of Red Deer South speak and help to elect a United Conservative Government with Jason Kenney as our next premier...we will have a government that stands up for Alberta, will focus on growing our economy and getting people back to work,  eliminates the carbon tax, will be fiscally responsible and control spending and shape a better future for all Albertans.

I would like to be your representative in that government, bringing a strong voice for Red Deer South creating hope and confidence in our future.  I’m asking, and would be so honoured to have your support as the UCP nominee for Red Deer South.  Buy a membership today, let others know you support me and be sure to vote on nomination day.  Thanks for support."


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