Al Poole

I have been involved in some big projects in Central Alberta. I have seen the skills and experiences that it takes to provide leadership on these types of projects. That is why I was pleased to join a large group of volunteers to support Bruce Buruma for the UCP nomination in Red Deer South.

Bruce has such a breadth of knowledge and experience in Red Deer. He has been involved at high levels in education, health care, business, and across various community service providers and non-profits.

I have also been impressed to Bruce’s communication ability. I have found that he listens with the intent to understand the issues and various point of view. He is consistently able to articulate his message clearly and concisely in a manner that people understand whether it is at a board room table or a kitchen table.

Another strength is the broad network that Bruce has developed in Red Deer, as well as across the province and country. I believe that this network will be invaluable for Bruce as a representative for Red Deer South and as a legislator.

For these reasons, I am proud to be supporting Bruce in the nomination.

Al Poole

Bruce Buruma Campaign Co-Chair

Retired Site Leader, Nova Chemicals Joffre Plant

Guy Pelletier

I was very pleased to see that Bruce Buruma has put his name forward for the nomination as the UCP candidate for Red Deer South.

As a resident of this riding and a citizen of Red Deer for over 25 years I know that Bruce has what it takes to be an excellent representative not only for Red Deer but for all Albertans. For me, Bruce ticks all of the boxes for the kind of person we want in government. I have known Bruce as an active Red Deer Citizen for many years and I have been continually impressed by his character and willingness to get involved and make a difference in so many aspects of our community.

Bruce is bright, professional, energetic, and insightful and he brings a very balanced and reasoned perspective to all issues. I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce in his professional role at the school board and also in a volunteer capacity on a committee at the Canada Winter Games. I have grown to very much appreciate his ability to articulate his vison and I know he will bring his skills and passion to the critical role of MLA. His experience working on a wide variety of local and provincial committees and his understanding of governance and government will help him to be an effective representative for our community. I believe that Bruce is the right person for Red Deer South, he has my support and I encourage you to consider supporting him as well.

Guy Pelletier

Vice President, Red Deer Region, Melcor Developments, Ltd.

Derek Beattie

As Christmas approaches we look forward to the magic of the season and towards the promise of a bright New Year. For many in Red Deer this is especially true now that the 2019 election is finally within sight! The Red Deer South UCP contest hasn’t officially started but has already gathered a lot of interest and support within the community. This interest includes the registration of four contestants vying to be your next UCP candidate and ultimately your MLA. Of those contestants I believe that Bruce Buruma stands out as strand candidate and advocate for Red Deer South.

I want to share with you why I support Bruce.

I met Bruce over two years ago when I joined the Red Deer North Board, my first foray into organised politics. At my first meeting Bruce made a point of introducing himself, asked about my background and offered his assistance if I had questions. Since that first meeting I have looked to Bruce for guidance and support numerous times. Bruce also encouraged me to put my name forward as the Red Deer-North UCP President. I truly appreciate all that Bruce did to encourage this rookie to learn and grow over the last two years. During that time, I also learned about Bruce’s background and the type of leader he is.

Bruce was raised in an entrepreneurial family which is very evident in our discussions. He learned many business-related lessons growing up and the impact government decisions have on our local businesses. Like many great individuals in Alberta Bruce started his career as a teacher educating our next generation. Bruce then became a vice principal and more recently the Corporate Secretary and Director of Community Relations for Red Deer Public Schools. I see both influences in Bruce’s passion to be the next MLA for Red Deer South as Bruce knows the importance of maintaining a competitive environment for our businesses and the importance of having well educated citizens in our society.

Bruce has also served our community in many ways. Bruce served on the boards for the David Thompson Health Advisory Council, the Red Deer Police Commission, Red Deer and District Community Foundation, Rotary, Youth HQ, RDC’s Board of Governors and several other non-profits and community wide initiatives. Bruce is a staple at many Red Deer area events and a great champion of our community.

As a conservative, Bruce has been involved in politics for 30 years in Red Deer and served on four elections campaigns. Bruce knows what it takes to win an election and what an MLA needs to do to represent his or her constituents. For me the biggest reason I support Bruce is because of his demeanour. I have witnessed several debates where Bruce has been able to take a tense topic and builds consensus by listening to the opposing sides’ concerns and proposed a collaborative solution. His ability to stay calm and composed in those situations while building meaningful discussions is truly remarkable. In today’s world of divisive politics, it’s a welcome sight to see someone trying to bring people together through political discussion.

Recently a document surfaced from the Party indicating that the nomination contest for Red Deer South would not proceed until 2019 due to some scheduling constraints and due to the Party’s desire to wait for a undisclosed high-profile individual to join the contest. I felt frustrated for Bruce and the other contestants. They have all put themselves out there and dedicated significant time and resources into this contest only to be told they have to wait for an individual who may or may not enter the race. Bruce’s response to this development impressed and humbled me. Instead of complaining about how this decision was not fair Bruce stated that electing the best possible candidate is the most important thing for Red Deer South, not what’s convenient for him and the contestants. Bruce knows that if he is to be the best possible MLA for Red Deer South he needs to beat the best contestants the City has to offer. A challenge Bruce willingly accepts and prepares for.

Currently the polls have the UCP with a comfortable lead throughout the Province but for the UCP to win in the upcoming election and to be successful in office we need to elect strong candidates in every constituency. That is why it is important we elect a strong candidate like Bruce. I know he will work hard to represent the people of Red Deer South everyday. He won’t give up when things seem unfair. He will listen to what his constituents have to say, and he will build consensus in our community. Bruce will be a champion for Red Deer South.

I’m with Bruce and I hope you are to.

Derek Beattie, P.Eng.
President, Red Deer-North UCP


Erin Allin

I had the privilege of first meeting Bruce Buruma when I served on a student advisory committee to the Red Deer Public School District Board in high school. This committee was an opportunity for students to voice concerns and opinions to the trustees and the leaders within the school board. Bruce exemplified leadership in these meetings and truly cared about what students and youth in our community had to say, he valued our opinions and ensured we were heard on issues relevant to us and our families.

His role in the school board allowed him to act as a liaison with the community, parents, and local businesses. He has always had the best interest of students and families in mind and believes that a parent is the most important teacher a child will have. His experience as a vice principle and working in education for many years means he also understands the importance our education system plays in developing young minds, and he knows where improvements need to be made.

I’m supporting Bruce in Red Deer South’s UCP nomination because I believe he is the RIGHT choice to represent both families and individuals in our community, and I know he values our community’s wants and needs. He is experienced and will bring a new and much needed perspective to the UCP in 2019.

Erin Allin


Paul Rattan

Bruce Buruma has earned my vote for the UCP nomination in Red Deer South and I would like to share why.

Bruce is committed to securing funding for the Red Deer Hospital. Earlier this week, Red Deer doctors released numbers showing a provincial average in healthcare infrastructure spending that is six times the rate in Central Alberta. If you factor in newly funded projects, the gap is even wider.

Bruce gets that. And with his time spent on the Health Advisory Council and his ability to communicate collaboratively and effectively – he is the best positioned to be a strong voice within the UCP caucus and advocate for our community’s biggest need.

Bruce has his ear to the ground in Red Deer. Having served on a variety of volunteer boards and committees he has established relationships from a wide range Red Deerians. I feel that he is very articulate and an active listener.

Bruce knows that none of this happens without a strong economy and jobs. He comes from an entrepreneurial family and is committed to making Alberta a business friendly environment and an attractive place for investment again.

Red Deer needs a strong voice in Edmonton. One who has been actively involved in our institutions, businesses, and non-profit sector. One who has the experience to navigate difficult decisions, and the community network to make sure he keeps finger on the pulse of our local priorities.

For these reasons, I am proud to be supporting Bruce Buruma for the Red Deer South UCP nomination. I will be casting him as my first choice on the ballot on March 16th – and I hope you will join me.

Paul Rattan


Warren Sinclair, LLP

Ron Woodward

I am honoured to offer my support for a true community builder, Bruce Buruma, as he seeks the UCP nomination in Red Deer South.

I have known Bruce for 20 years and was excited to learn he was taking this next step in his public service. My first contact with Bruce was when I came to Red Deer in 1998 to serve as the Red Deer College President and Bruce was on the RDC Board of Directors. I remember him being wise beyond his years, having incredible knowledge of and connections to the community, and being very well engaged to the political scene. All of these qualities were extremely helpful to a new person coming to the community.

Since then, we have had many other opportunities to work together over the years on a variety of projects. The things that stand out the most to me are that Bruce is always well organized, thoughtful and respectful. I can honestly say I never saw Bruce do anything in his own interest...it is always about others, the institution, or the project.

Bruce Buruma is sincere, humble, committed, results focused, politically astute, and always focused on the community. It has been great to watch him make a major and positive impact in the community, the education system, and the province. I am proud to call him my friend!

Bruce Buruma is the RIGHT choice for Red Deer South. I hope you will join me in supporting him.

Ron Woodward

Red Deer College Past President

CEO Clockbuilder Consulting

Lawrence Lee

I am pleased to support Bruce Buruma and his nomination to be the United Conservative Party candidate for Red Deer South.

While I have known Bruce since back when we were students at Lindsay Thurber, I know him best as Director of Community Relations for Red Deer Public Schools when I served on the Board of Trustees for 9 years including being Board Chair.

As part of our Senior Administration team, Bruce managed communications, community engagement, media relations, partnerships, advocacy, our Aboriginal Frontline Program as well as strategic planning and reporting for the District. He also served as Executive Director of our school foundation building support and raising significant funds across the community that supported great programs that had a real impact on students across the District. Bruce made a difference by providing great support to our schools, the district and Board of Trustees.

Bruce has also been actively committed to our community serving on the RDC Board of Governors, Health Advisory Council, Youth HQ and other boards and committees giving him a broad understanding of the needs our community faces.

These are skills, experiences and knowledge that really matter and will serve him well as our future MLA.

Lawrence Lee

Red Deer City Councilor

Noreen Onofryszyn

I am proud to be supporting Bruce Buruma for the UCP nomination in Red Deer South.


Because we need qualified, proven and committed people to represent us in the Alberta legislature.

Bruce has spent his career aspiring to excellence in the education system, and his life working and volunteering with organizations that make Red Deer a better place to work and live. He has already shown a deep commitment to Red Deer and this step is just an extension of those contributions he has already made.

Having worked with Bruce on many projects in the past, I am confident he will also bring a strong entrepreneurial spirit to government, an important reflection of what has made our province strong.

I also know he will not be pushed around in Edmonton and will steadfastly defend Red Deer’s interests. I believe he is the only candidate with the experience and the authority to ensure Red Deer’s voice is heard.

The nomination has been called and the vote is near. I am urging you to join me in support Bruce Buruma as a strong, experienced, committed voice for Red Deer – and I ask you to find 1 or 2 family members or friends to buy a membership and do the same.

Noreen Onofryszyn

Denis R. Huot

I have known Bruce for 15+ years and I have always been struck by his go-getter attitude. Whenever I have volunteered in some capacity in Red Deer, Bruce is already there volunteering. He was the Vice Principal at my kids’ school, Hunting Hills, in the 1990s and he was known to be a fair administrator and straight shooter.

With all of the turmoil in politics, I want someone representing the Red Deer South riding who is honest and straight talking. I want someone who is fiscally capable and responsible, but also aware of what social and community issues are facing Red Deer South residents. I want a representative who I can trust to take the tough issues forward. That person is Bruce Buruma. 

The economy in Red Deer and central Alberta is in tough shape right now. I want a representative who can lead us and advance creative ideas on how to improve our central Alberta economy. Bruce can do that. 

I have no qualms in telling you I am supporting Bruce Buruma as my first choice for the Red Deer South UCP nomination. I vote yes for Bruce!

Denis R. Huot

Retired lawyer 

Britt Cupples

Bruce is well known and respected in Red Deer. In addition to his political involvement, he has experience with Red Deer Public School Board, Red Deer Hospital and Red Deer College (now Red Deer University!).

With his background as both a teacher and administrator, I know Bruce will be a great asset representing Red Deer South. As a new teacher, I recognize the need for targeted academic support and with his involvement and attention toward student literacy, he is improving our awareness regarding issues like these.

Bill Ramji

Bruce Buruma is the RIGHT Choice for Red Deer South.

I’ve known Bruce and his family since I came to Red Deer almost 40 years ago. Growing up and working in his family’s businesses, he understands the challenges facing small business and the impact government can have in creating success, or as we have seen with the current NDP government, making things much more difficult.

I agree with Bruce that we have to bring hope and confidence back to Alberta and get people back to work. We need a government that is business friendly. I know that Bruce is very committed to keeping in touch with local businesses in Red Deer to understand the issues and speak up on the challenges we face.

The upcoming election may be one of the most important we face as a province--we need a United Conservative government. Knowing Bruce, I am confident he is well qualified to serve the people of Red Deer South and will be a strong and committed voice for our community.

Bill Ramji

Carnival Cinemas

Carole and Grant Edmonds

Were you at the Red Deer South UCP forum? Did you hear from anyone who was there?

By all accounts it was an extremely successful event. Approximately 275 people showed up to hear from the four candidates seeking the nomination in our area.

It was an interesting showing by all four candidates – but, we can honestly say that Bruce Buruma showed clearly why he is the RIGHT choice to represent our community in the Legislature.

Bruce has the experience and conservative background to make tough decisions that impact thousands of people. He has the compassion to ensure we don’t forget about Red Deer’s most vulnerable. He understands the pulse of the city from his years of volunteerism and commitment to our non-profits and community institutions.

Bruce Buruma is the strongest voice to stand up for Red Deer and its interests.

But don’t take our word for it. You can view the video at the local constituency association’s Facebook page here. You can see for yourself.

We are both extremely proud to be supporting Bruce in his quest to become the UCP candidate in Red Deer South.  We hope you will join us.

Carole and Grant Edmonds

Christine Moore

I am honored to write this letter of support for Bruce Buruma as he seeks the United Conservative Party nomination for the Riding of Red Deer South. I have known Bruce for many years and have worked with him on several community fundraising projects.

His experience, work ethic, common sense and capacity to get things done will serve him and his constituents well as an MLA.

He is a community builder with great knowledge of the needs of Red Deer South. He will be the strong ,respected voice required as we work together to get our beloved Province back on track.

Christine Moore
Councillor- Red Deer County

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